Book Binding Repair, Restoration, Tools, Calligraphy and Letter Arts, Quill Pens

Book binding repair.  Extensive experience in matters of book restoration and repair. Knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of traditional book and paper conservation..
B O O K   B I N D I N G   R E P A I R   A N D   R E S T O R A T I O N

B O O K    R E S T O R A T I O N
S p e c i a l t y  T o o l s
L e t t e r   A r t s

 S i n c e   1 9 8 4 

“So many books, so little time.”
F R A N K   Z A P P A

leaf, bigger

book binding repair and restoration

teflon tools and folders for boxmaking

real feather quill pens


“I been doin’ this a long time.”

Leather, Cloth, Paper; antiquarian Books; Bibles of all varieties;
Cookbooks; Children’s Books; Guest Books; Etc.

book binding repair / cloth / leather / paperbacks /ยก
exquisite Teflon tools / calligraphy / gifts / boxes / miniature books /
bibles / heirlooms / albums / original letter art / quill pens /
clamshell boxes /  Teflon folders & spatulas / manuscript gilding /
paper restoration and deacidification / book conservation /
paper conservation / one of a kind custom bindings /