About Me

About me

Around 1976 I became fascinated with with calligraphy.  Interest grew to include manuscript gilding, quill pens, and simple hand binding.  As instruction and experience accumulated, I focused more and more on bookbinding and restoration.  In 1984 I was hired by the University of Saint Thomas in St. Paul to repair books in their Special Collections Library and to train students to repair general collection books.   I was at St. Thomas for nearly six years, then moved on to Northfield Minnesota, establishing workshop for both Carleton College’s Special Collections, and St. Olaf College’s Kierkegaard Library collection. Since 1993 I have been in private practice, working in my home studio near Minnehaha Falls in south Minneapolis, doing work I love : restoring books, making tools, teaching, refining manuscript skills, and developing creative projects for individuals, institutions, businesses, and myself.

My affection for the calligraphic arts continues, especially regarding historical tools and techniques in the Western Tradition. I have acquired some skill with quill pens and quill cutting, and now enjoy a steady trickle of work selling my traditional GOOSE QUILL PENS : “the king of writing implements”.