Box Making

box makingGetting a custom-made box is the best protection a book can have, and makes a perfect  presentation for any book or object. A CLAMSHELL BOX , exceptionally strong and protective, keeps out sunlight, dust, and reduces temperature fluctuations. Sunlight (and light in general) is one of the great enemies for books.  Attractive and durable in every form, boxes run the gamut from rather plain containers, to mimicking deluxe hand-bound books in full leather with raised bands and gilt spines.

A box starts with a direct measurement of the item it will hold — nice fit is paramount. Typically, the covering material is book cloth or leather, but possibilities are endless.  The interior can be lined with soft polysuede or Ultrasuede to prevent scraping or damage of any kind to the item. Typically an attractive, appropriate title label stamped or printed on paper or leather is made for the spine.

Some Boxes